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Fast Service

Our process is fast and reliable, for total peace of mind. Quick assignment of reviewers, academic editors following all the steps, ongoing communication and feedback to authors


Open Access

Highly visible, freely accessible content, which is indexed onto many portals, digitally archived and stored at reliable cloud services, and permanently identified (DOI/ARK)


Responsive Design

Smooth process and clear stages, from submission to final publishing. High quality layout, even for the draft copies for final amendments. Access to both single article and journal full issue


Conferences Planning

Planning of each step from initial design to final schedule. Venues reservation, travel arrangements, hosting services, catering offer and final publishing of the proceedings


Menabò is an independent publisher specialized in Open Access journals and conferences planning.

Full services from the submission to the final publishing

Our journals fall into several academic fields and rely on the competence of experienced editors, academicians, copyeditors and copywriters, reviewers. Our standard is high, but we guarantee faster publishing processes. All the articles we publish comply with our policies, gain high visibility (indexed on main portals), receive permanent identifiers (ARK and DOI) and a digital repository.

open access

We publish Open Access content. This means that we do not rely on subscriptions and all our articles are freely accessible. This is a guarantee of higher visibility for our authors. Nonetheless, in order to maintain the high standards and costs of our ongoing services, we can charge our authors an APC (Article Processing Charge), clearly stated at each journal webpage. We can also offer discounts to specific partnerships and authors and a fraction of our charges are dedicated to our Young Scholar program, which offers grants and the chance to be published at no costs.

Why menabÒ

Menabò is an Italian editorial term, which simply means “layout”. Our history is grounded in Italian expertise and knowledge of traditional typography and digital publishing, in an international milieu. Our commitment is the production of a highly valuable editorial product, in terms of contents and layout. Our team members work with competence in operational ways and are trained to face issues, specific demands and solve problems in proper, fast, and reliable manners. The result is a great teamwork and services and products of the highest quality.


We are aware and take care of our authors’ work

We try to put ourselves in our authors’ shoes and wonder: What does an author wish most? What does an author expect to receive? We greatly appreciate when authors choose us to submit their proposals: we know how they are important for them. We know that their submissions means a lot: many hours of work, research, effort, competence, knowledge, creativity and all the mind energy at the highest level.

That is why we care for each submission: we are aware of the crucial role it plays for the author who has produced it. We also know that a submission brings about expectations, hopes, fears: no author can be sure that a proposal will be accepted for final publishing. This means frustration all along the process, from the very first moment of the submission up to the reception of a response.

 At Menabò we try to make our best to render all the process as smooth and fast as possible and we always bear in mind that our work makes sense only if related to our authors, their expectations and needs. All our processes are clear and very communicative, in order to make our authors aware that we are taking care of their work.


We rely on valuable assets

At Menabò we work on the best professional software and cloud services: your submission is in good hands. From the outset to the final publishing, we guarantee the best services in terms of layout, readibility, visibility and duration.

Cloud services and digital repositories

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your article should the journal or the publisher go offline or close down? Not only save we all the material to cloud services and physical storage, but we also guarantee our authors a permanent digital repository, fully independent from our future: should we go offline, all the published material will continue to be reachable and available thanks to our partners.

permanent identifiers

Each acamic article that has digitally published needs a Permanent Identifier: it is a unique code, which resorts to a web address, where the article can be found, accessed and read, independently from the journal’s and publisher’s life. We assign ARK and/or DOI codes to each articles we publish.

indexing and search engines

All our journals are indexed at several services, from Google Scholars to DOAJ, including specific indexing services that are available for particular academic fields, e.g. PhilPapers for philosophy.

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Our Team

Our main goal is to make people who trusted us not to regret and come back again.

“I recommend Menabò and all their staff. Very positive experience, from the start. Plenty of communication on what called for amendments and always ready to support me.”

Alicia Noah

“Reliable service, with no particular issues. They do exactly what they promise. Great communication all along the process and very responsive all the time.”

Brad Lewitt
Design engineering

“We were planning a conference and we asked for their support. They gave us all the details and the necessary know-how from the outset. Very helpful and great communication.”

Philippe Brest
marketing lab director

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