Our Journals at Menabò

Menabò currently publishes 5 Open Access academic journal, in several fields. Despite sharing the commitment and standards of Menabò, each journal has its own submission policies.

Each journal presents its own scopes and aims and is responsible for its published content and for the calls for papers on specific topics. Submission of papers does not have to fall into specific calls or topics, beyond the scopes and aims of the journal.

Each journal has its own editor(s) and editorial board and authors must refer to them for their submissions, not to Menabò offices. Please, carefully consider the submission policies of a specific journal and attain to them before submitting a proposal.

Being Open Access, each journal does not rely on any subscription and makes all the published content freely accessible. As such, each journal can charge authors an APC (Artiche Processing Charge), whose amount is clearly stated in the submission policy webpage of each journal. In some cases, the editorial board of a journal can offer a discounted APC, according to the length and formatting style of the submitted paper.

APC is mainly intended to cover and maintain the high standards set by Menabò, in terms of processes, layouts, cloud services, digital repositories, permanent identifiers, and indexing, plus the work of our team committed to the highest levels.

A fraction of the collected APCs is managed by Menabò for the Young Scholar program, which issues grants and allow young scholars in specific conditions to have their work published at no costs.

• Journal of Philosophical Criticism (JPC)

Journal of Geography and Tourism (JGT)

Journal of Chemistry and Pharmacy (JCP)

Journal of History and Society (JHS)

Journal of Mechanical Engineering (JME)